[EWMBA] Spring 2016 Elective Schedule & Bidding Information

Please disregard this email if you are completing your graduation requirements Fall 2015.

Hello EW Students,

This email includes important information on Spring 2016 Electives.  More details can also be found on the EWMBA Student Website.  As always, we strongly encourage you to read through (or at least skim) the entire email.

The following topics are covered below:

Spring 2016 Elective Schedule

  • Courses Open to All Students in Round 1

  • Courses You May Not Drop Later

Bidding Process

  • Deadline for Schedule Change/Options Requests (Evening/Weekend/Undeclared)

Enrollment Requirements

Other Academic Opportunities

Reminders and Resources



Here is a link to the Spring 2016 Schedule.  Note that while most class dates and times are set, this is still considered a tentative schedule and subject to change.

Courses Open to All Students in Round 1

The following classes will be available in Round 1 of bidding to ALL students, both declared evening and weekend (see Schedule Change/Options Requests below):

  • Flexible Schedule Classes: EW211.1 Game Theory (online) and EW257.12 Leadership Competencies (hybrid)

  • Sunday 1-Unit Classes (see page 2 of Spring 2016 Schedule)

  • Off-Schedule Classes: EW296.2 Dynamic Capabilities & Innovation

Courses You May Not Drop Later

Most electives on the bidding schedule will also be part of the Pre-Term and Regular Add/Drop process, which runs the first week in January and the first two weeks of classes in January/February, respectively.

However, courses that involve projects with clients will not be included in the Add/Drop process.  Instructors need enrollment confirmed and student teams formed well in advance of the semester.  Thus, please note that the following courses will not be included in the Add/Drop process:

  • EWMBA295T.1 – Lean Launch Pad (Wednesdays)
  • EWMBA290H.1 – Haas@Work (Wednesdays)
  • EWMBA292S.2 – Social Sector Solutions: Nonprofit Consulting (Tuesdays)

Tip: Do not bid on these courses, unless you are fully committed to taking it.  You will not be able to drop the course if your bid is successful.


Tip: While it doesn’t matter when you place your bid during a bid round, it matters that you do actually place a bid.  So, be sure to mark your calendars for Bidding!

Please click here for additional details on the bidding process, including how many bid points you will receive.

Schedule Options/Change Requests (Evening/Weekend/Undeclared)
Unless requested, students are defaulted as a declared student in your resident cohort (evening or weekend) for bidding. Read more about Schedule Change Requests here.

Permanent Schedule Change (2nd Year Students Only)
Deadline to submit MBA Program Advising & Adjustment Form to your advisorFriday Oct 30 10AM

Students are given a one-time opportunity at the end of their core classes to make a one-time permanent switch (evening to weekend or weekend to evening).

Going Undeclared
Deadline to email ewmba_office@haas.berkeley.eduFriday Oct 30 10AM

Students may also “undeclare” themselves for any semester if they want to bid on classes in both evening and weekend during Round 1. This is not permanent and students will revert back to their declared status the following semester. Undeclared students will have 500 less bidding points.


Financial Aid Recipients: Remember that you must be enrolled in 6 units for the semester to remain eligible for financial aid.

All students: You must be enrolled in at least 1 unit to remain as an active student, and be eligible to receive all school services (access to Career Services, etc).  If you plan to withdraw for next semester (i.e. not enroll in any classes), you must contact your advisor before the start of the semester, in order to avoid any financial penalties assessed by central campus.  Refer to the Office of the Registrar’s website for more information about withdrawing for the semester.


Besides the classes listed on the Spring 2016 Elective Schedule, there are other academic opportunities open to EWMBA students, including Independent Study, Full-time MBA courses and Non-Haas classes. Please review the information on Other Academic Opportunities carefully before pursuing these options.



If you have any additional questions about bidding, or any other topic, we encourage you to stop by the EWMBA Program Office or send us an email at ewmba_office@haas.berkeley.edu.


Courtney, Kate, Avni, Drew, Vicki, and Jen