[EWMBA] Spring 2016 Core Courses

Hello Class of 2018 Students!

We hope Fall B is going well! As we prepare for your Spring semester, we wanted to share some information about your Spring 2016 Core Courses:



Please refer to the Spring 2016 Core Schedule on the EWMBA student site for the complete schedule.

Evening core classes start on Monday, January 4 and Saturday core classes start on Saturday, January 23.  The Spring 2016 Academic Calendar can be found on the EWMBA student website.

Some things to note:

  • EWMBA 200C Leadership Communications* takes place on two Saturdays (Blue and Gold) or on two Sundays (Axe and Oski); all dates are on the Spring 2016 Core Schedule
  • EWMBA 207 Ethics* has 5 class meetings for Blue and Gold and 4 class meetings for Axe and Oski
  • Evening Core classes still meet during Spring Break (Mar 21 – 24)
  • Evening combined cohort days are scheduled for Tuesday Jan 19 and Tuesday Feb 16

*Attendance is required for 1-unit core courses (Leadership Communications and Ethics).  This is due to less instructional hours (15 total) for a 1-unit class.  If you have a conflict for Leadership Communications, please email Jenny Herbert Creek directly at herbert@haas.berkeley.edu.  If you have a conflict for Ethics, please reach out to your advisor.


As part of your regular first-year student programming, the Career Management Group will be holding workshops during Spring B on days when Ethics is not in session.  Please refer to our website for the CMG Workshop dates. If you have any specific questions about the workshops, please contact careers@haas.berkeley.edu.


  • Eligible courses are EW201B Macroeconomics, EW202 Financial Reporting, and EW203 Introduction to Finance.
  • Core waiver exams will take place on Sunday Dec 6 from 9AM12PM. Confirmations have been sent out to those who signed up.
  • Please review the Waiver Guidelines carefully before the exam.


Below is a list of the course materials for your Spring 2016 Core courses. You are responsible for purchasing textbooks and software, while other course materials, such as course readers, will be provided for you. To ensure the proper edition is purchased, we highly recommend you utilize the ISBN numbers to purchase textbooks (especially if purchasing from The Student Store, the Cal Student Store, or Amazon).

More information will also be available in the course syllabus when it is available.


EWMBA 201B Macroeconomics
Blue & Gold Required Text: 9781429240024
Mankiw, 8th edition, Worth Publishers
Axe & Oski Recommended Text: 9780138014919
Gordon, 12th Edition, Addison-Wesley
Recommended Software: MyEconLab
EWMBA 202 Financial Reporting
All Cohorts: Required Text: 9781618531001
Financial Accounting for MBAs
Easton, 6th Edition, Cambridge Business Publishers
EWMBA 200C Leadership Communications
All Cohorts: Required Text: 9780142001103
The Art of Possibility
Zander; Penguin Books
Required Text: 9780465078073
The Story Factor
Simmons; Basic Books
EWMBA 207 Ethics
Blue & Gold TBD
Axe & Oski TBD
EWMBA 203 Intro to Finance
Blue & Gold
(updated 11/23) Required Text: 9780133424157
Corporate Finance

Berk & DeMarzo, 3rd Edition, Pearson
Strongly Recommended Software: MyFinanceLab
Your professor recommends, in this order:

1. Print version of textbook & MFL
2. Online version of textbook & MFL
3. Print version of textbook
4. Online version of textbook
Axe & Oski Required Software: 9780132993616
MyFinanceLab* with Pearson Corporate Finance eText, 3rd Edition
Recommended Text: 9780133424157
Corporate Finance
Berk & DeMarzo, 3rd Edition, Pearson
*MyFinanceLab is required. To ensure that you have the correct Access Codes and text, we highly recommend purchasing materials directly from the myPEARSONstore. Your Course ID will be provided by your professor closer to the start of the course. For those interested in future Finance electives, many of those courses have adopted the Corporate Finance book.

Academic Calendar (including dates at Cañada College in orange)
Core Schedule
Complete Core Curriculum

If your course is utilizing Study.net, materials will eventually appear closer to the start of the term.

There are two ways to view Study.net material:

  1. Via the bCourses Study.net module. Please note that in order for your bCourses and Study.net to sync, your University default email address must be your @mba address. (Click here to update your default email address.)

  2. Directly logging in to https://www.study.net/berkeley/Default.asp with your @mba email address. If you have not changed your password, it will be your last name, all lowercase.

Thank you for reading! We will send updates if needed. Please let us know if you have any questions.


EWMBA Program Office