[EWMBA] Spring 2016 Add/Drop Opportunity Begins 1/4

Dear 2nd and 3rd Year EW Students,

This email is a reminder that you will have the opportunity to add to or adjust your Spring 2016 elective schedule during the Add/Drop Process. Please visit the online course schedule for the Spring 2016 elective schedule and review the information below on the following topics:

Add/Drop Rounds

Top Things to Know About Add/Drop!

Full-Time MBA Course Requests

Other Academic Opportunities

Enrollment Changes and Fees

Auditing Policy


Add/Drop Rounds

Round 1 of Add/Drop, which will occur prior to the start of the Spring 2016 semester, will open on Monday, January 4 at 9AM and will close Friday, January 8 at 12PM. Rounds 2 and 3 will take place during the first two weeks of the semester. You can view all Add/Drop dates and times below and on the Registration Timeline.  

Round 1: Jan 4 9AM – Jan 8 12PM

Round 2: Jan 19 9AM – Jan 26 10AM

Round 3: Jan 26 4PM – Feb 2 10AM

Round 4 (Drops Only): Feb 2 12PM – Feb 3 12PM

Top Things to Know About Add/Drop

  1. Each student has 3 waitlist points. Use 1 point per class waitlist you want to add yourself to.
  2. Drops are IRREVERSIBLE.
  3. Participate by adding or dropping classes anytime before each round ends.
  4. Waitlists are generated starting after Round 1 and carry over to each subsequent round. Priority is given by class year and then randomized within that group.
  5. Attend the classes you are on the waitlist for during the first two weeks of the semester.
  6. You will be moved up from the waitlist if someone drops the course during a Round. Confirm enrollment on OLR after each round. You will be responsible for dropping that class (by the deadline) if you no longer want to take it. No drops will be allowed after Round 4.

For more information on how the Add/Drop process works, please visit the Add/Drop page on our website. After reviewing this page, feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

Full-Time MBA Course Requests

EW students can enroll in a Full-Time MBA course on a space-available basis. The only FTMBA courses you cannot take, regardless of space-availability, are courses that we also offer in our program in the same semester.

If you are interested in a FTMBA course, we encourage you to attend the first class meeting.  If you are sure it’s something you want, please submit this FTMBA Course Request Form and provide your ranked choices between January 4 – January 29 so we can add you to our request list.  We work closely with the Full-Time MBA Program Office on these and will respond to your request prior to the end of Add/Drop, so you have time to confirm your enrollment.

We will process waitlist requests for Full-Time courses on the following two dates:

Friday, January 22 at 10AM (students notified by end of day Saturday, January 23)

Friday, January 29 at 10AM (students notified by end of day Saturday, January 30)

You can view the FTMBA course offerings by choosing the Full-Time MBA Program on the course information table link on our website. For more information about adding FTMBA courses, including MBA 294 Speaker Series courses, please review our FTMBA Academic Policy page.

Other Academic Opportunities

For more information on other academic opportunities, including Independent Study and Non-Haas classes, please refer to the EWMBA Student Website.

Enrollment Changes and Fees

As a reminder, all enrollment changes must be made during the Add/Drop period via OLR. You are responsible for all enrollment fees and academic work. It is suggested that you confirm your schedule during Add/Drop regardless if you did not change anything since Bidding.

Auditing Policy

Please note that the auditing of courses is discouraged. The Program Office does not administratively support auditing of courses (i.e., access to course materials, class emails, etc.). Please review our Auditing policy for more information.

Happy holidays and enjoy your winter break!


EWMBA Program Office


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