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Round 2 of Add/Drop began this morning at 9AM. Be sure to log into OLR and click on the “Spring 2016 Add/Drop” process to review any enrollment updates from Round 1 and to make any changes to your schedule. Please be sure to review all Add/Drop dates and times on the Registration Timeline.


For some helpful tips about the add/drop process, please click here:



The Spring 2016 deadline to pay fees was January 15. To avoid the $150 late registration fee, please be sure to pay your balance by February 5. As a reminder, CARS statement are generated on January 15 and February 15 and only updated monthly. If you plan to make changes to your schedule during Add/Drop, you can choose to pay for just the number of units you intend to take ($3,046.70 per unit fee x the number of units) by manually entering in the amount OR you can pay the entire balance and receive a refund later on. Students may also choose the Deferred Payment Plan. To avoid being dropped from your courses, be sure to pay all remaining fees by February 15. If you have any specific billing and payment questions, please contact our Haas Financial Aid team at finaid@haas.berkeley.edu.



If you didn’t get to pick up your Spring 2016 semester parking sticker or AC Transit pass at MPAR, they will be distributed from the Program Office during the following hours. (Please note your Cal 1 Card is required to pick up your AC Transit pass.)

  • Monday – Thursday 10AM-8:15PM

  • Friday 10AM-4PM

  • Saturday 9AM-4PM



  • Instructions on how to access study.net material during the Add/Drop process can be found here.

  • Note that you are only permitted to add up to 8 courses in study.net during Add/Drop.

  • Access is limited to online only at this time.

  • TEXTPAKS (hard copies of study.net material) will be available starting on Wednesday, February 3, after all enrollment has been finalized for the term.


Instructors have the right to drop students from their courses if they do not show up to class at least once in the first two weeks of the semester.  Some instructors have indicated their intent to enforce this policy in their course description, but you should know that they have the right to enforce this policy even if they haven’t publicized it.  If you plan to miss the first two weeks of school for any reason, please contact your instructors ASAP.


If you are interested in enrolling in a Full-Time MBA course, please submit this FTMBA Course Request Form between January 4 – January 29 and provide your ranked choices so we can review your request. For more information on FTMBA course requests, please review our FTMBA Academic Policy page and our last email regarding Add/Drop.


Here is a reminder of how we now handle advising and student issues. For inquiries related to academic advising, withdrawing, academic probation, etc., please contact your advisor, which is assigned by last name. Be sure to welcome Amanda and Rachel who are our newest advisors to the Program Office!


For all other general inquiries, please email ewmba_office@haas.berkeley.edu.



If you plan on graduating earlier or later than your expected graduation date (i.e. 3 years from your date of entry into the program), please review our Academic Policies online for additional guidelines.

Once you have your progression in the program mapped out, please make sure to submit the MBA Program Advising & Adjustment Form to your advisor (see above).


Spring 2016 Academic Calendar

Elective Schedule


We look forward to seeing you back on campus.



EWMBA Program Office