9/17 Football Ticket Information


We’re so excited you’re able to come to the game on Saturday!  We have physical tickets that you need to pick up – the QR code from CampusGroups will NOT get you into Cal Memorial Stadium.

Please pick up your tickets from the Program Office between now and Saturday during our office hours.  We will have remaining tickets at the tailgate on Saturday in the Courtyard from 5-7:30 PM.  Anyone who has not picked up their tickets by game time (7:30 PM) may not be able to retrieve them.

Just a reminder that bags are not allowed in Cal Memorial Stadium.  Please see their website for info on all prohibited items.  For students attending class on Saturday, you may check your school bag at the Bancroft Hotel, as Haas will close at 8 PM. on Saturday.

Tickets are general admission into the student section.  You do not need to show an ID to enter, but you will want to enter with any friends you want to sit with!

Saturday students will be receiving a separate email regarding parking for class.  Any students coming just for the game on Saturday will be responsible for finding their own transportation or parking.  We highly encourage you to take public transportation or carpool to share the cost of a paid spot.  Your parking permit will not be valid in Boalt, Underhill, Foothill, or other campus lots.

Thanks and see you Saturday (and whatever you do, don’t wear red!)!

GO Bears!