Bidding Check-list

Check-list to prepare for Bidding!

These items are optional but the Program Office highly encourages students to participate in as many event as possible.

Two weeks before bidding starts

One week prior to start to bidding

  • Decide if you want to go “undeclared.”
  • Review the OLR How-To
  • Check your log in to OLR (Please note that the Bidding Process will not be viewable in OLR until closer to bidding.)
    • You will use your CalNetID and Passphrase to login to the site (i.e., what you use to access CalCentral and bCourses).
    • If you notice any issues when you login, contact the for assistance.  Please allow 48-72 hours for a response.

Day before and during Round 1

  • Review your top choice(s)
    • Ensure class meeting dates do not conflict (refer to EWMBA Current Student Website for the Academic Calendar & Elective PDF)
    • Plan out your bids! 
      • The max number of units you may bid on is 7 units, including any pre-enrolled classes (e.g., SIB, Washington Campus, Lean Launchpad, etc.). Students are not meant to come out of bidding with a complete schedule, but a good foundation for their schedule.
  • Bid on Classes!
    • Check the Registration Timeline for specific dates of each round.
    • The maximum bid is 1 point less than your allotted points, ex. 2999 if you have 3000 bid points.
    • Use all your bid points in Round 1. That is the most competitive round.

During Round 2

  • If you have remaining points or remaining units, bid on classes in Round 2.
  • Students may bid on all unfilled courses in Round 2, regardless of schedule declaration.

After Bidding Ends

  • Have a great rest of the semester!
  • Billing and Payments
    • Ensure all semester tuition fees are paid. Blocks will prevent your grades from posting.
      • Summer fees are generally due mid June
      • Fall fees are due mid August
      • Spring fees are due mid February
    • You will be assessed based on the amount of units you are enrolled in after Bidding ends. 
  • Add/Drop – August and early September for Fall, January for Spring
    • This is the next opportunity to make changes to your schedule. Exact dates will be posted on Registration Timeline.

Helpful Links for Registration & Enrollment:

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